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Software & Mobile Development Services (Application Development)

KR3 has implemented multiple Cross Platform mobile applications for commercial and  government customers. 

The business landscape is changing dramatically with the increasing proliferation of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets into the workspace. This requires your applications to be equally smart and nimble to function effectively across a varied range of platforms. The need of the hour is for IT to create an application experience that is mobile enough to keep pace with a constantly shifting landscape of consumer-chosen devices.

Customers want instant and on-hand access to products and services, and they want nothing less than the ‘complete’ digital experience in anything they do. KR3 Mobile Application Services provide for this reality by combining a set of application development and maintenance services that cater to smartphones and tablets across the major platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows.

  • Cross Platform Apps: one codebase for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

  • Push Notifications: GPS, MAP, SQLite Database etc.

  • Public App Deployment: Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Microsoft App Store.

  • Enterprise users, partners and external user support.

  • Managed via MDM & MAM. 

  • Mobile App Security via NowSecure Vulnerability Scan, static and dynamic code scans.

  • End to end encryption on data transmission and at rest.

  • Use of Enterprise Identity and Access Management.

  • Mobile applications development based on enterprise compliance policies and functional and security requirements.

  • Enterprise Services/APIs design and development

  • On-Premise and Cloud based Services/APIs deployment to be consumed via Mobile Applications, Web Applications, and Internet of Things.


Our range of Application development Services includes: 

  • Application Assessment

  • Application Development

  • User Authentication

  • Application Testing

  • Custom iOS and Android apps development

  • Native and cross-platform solutions

  • Second platform app development

  • UI/UX design

  • Consulting and prototyping

  • Automated QA and testing

  • Power management, notification and Geo-fencing

  • Embedded Android & AOSP customization's

  • Maintenance and post-warranty support

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