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Success Stories

The following are some of the implementations KR3 Information Systems performed for its customers. Please contact us to know about our other high quality and cost effective implementations.  



We are a technology company, but our passion aligns with CDC's mission of public health and disease prevention. Some of the implementations we have done for CDC are mentioned below.

  • Implemented a Cyber Security solution as a share service which supports 300k+ government users and external partners. A cross agency solution supports Identity Management and Access control for 180+ CDC's mission critical applications and adheres with the government's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and  HSPD-12 guidelines. This solution supports user on-boarding at different E-Authentication Levels and Multi-Factor Authentication, including Smart Card, and Soft and Hard Tokens. The solution protects applications hosted on premise, in Cloud, SaaS, APIs, and Mobile applications using wide varieties of technologies. KR3 also does regular maintenance and production support.

  • implementation of multiple cross platform mobile applications allows multi platform deployment with a single codebase resulting in lower costs in development and maintenance. Mobile apps with rich functionality like push notifications, GIS, mapping, and secure data transfer from outside and within CDC. The apps also allows field staff offline data collection and synchronization.

  • API and Microservices development, security, routing, and distribution.

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, SharePoint Online (SPO), PowerBI Online and Dynamics Online  implementation for CDC's partners ( environment. This solution allowed the retirement of older and expensive infrastructure, resulting in a secure environment and improved user experience. KR3 implemented strategies for migration of SharePoint Site Collections and associated data for 16+ CDC centers, enterprise access control, security, and monitoring for the o365 SPO Tenant.

  •  KR3 implemented as Managed File Transfer (MFT) solution which allowed CDC partners and external health facilities to securely upload and download public health data files. The solution allows data transfer by utilizing mobile application, desktop clients, web portal and machine to machine automated transfer. Data files are protected using FIPS encryption during transit and at rest, Anti Virus, DLP and Advance Threat Protection .

  • KR3 performed Certification and Accreditation (C&A) for different applications and always received Authority To Operate (ATO).

  • Software application design, development, maintenance, and enhancement. 

  • Implemented responsive design for multiple web applications for better user experience and improved usability on different devices and screen sizes.


KR3 implemented a Cyber Security solution for a large enterprise to protect their enterprise's internal and external resources. The solution supported 8+ million users and 1000+ applications with geographically distributed network and High Availability with a millisecond failover across datacenters. The solution supported user onboarding, Access Control, Multi Factor Authentication, distributed directory synchronization, Windows/Unix server level access control, and account provisioning. KR3 used the following commercial products to implement this solution: Tivoli IAM and IDM, CA Siteminder, SunOne Directory Servers, and Oracle RDBMS database.


KR3 Information Systems Inc. implemented enterprise infrastructure in Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud for a national fast food chain. Implementation of VPC, Firewalls, Load balancer, EC2 compute machines, storage (EBS, S3 and Glacier), Content Distribution Network (CDN), RDBMS, DynamoDB, and other components to support different IT environments. KR3 also assisted in building a business mobile application for its food chain customers, franchise management, food promotions, and ordering. The mobile application includes features, like user onboarding, Social Login, push notifications, and Geo Fencing.

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