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IT Infrastructure DevOps Services

We bring the best to your IT Infrastructure with the emergence of cloud computing, virtualization, and mobility, KR3 is well aligned with market trends and demands. We offer the technology, processes, and people clients need to transform their IT infrastructure, achieving efficiencies, cost savings and other strategic business outcomes.

We provide efficient, innovative and secure infrastructure services, solutions and consulting. We offer our clients energy-efficient green data centers, cloud computing and managed security services, all supported by a unique enterprise service management tool set. Support distributed and open systems including hosts, operating systems, applications and storage infrastructure with software tools for:

  • Discovery, inventory and monitoring.

  • Resource utilization and IT infrastructure/ Data Center optimization.

  • Consolidation, analysis, planning and design.

  • Best practices comparisons.

Cloud Infrastructure Service Offerings

  • Cloud / DevOps Consulting

  • Cloud Hosting & Migration

  • Cloud Managed Services

  • DevOps Services

  • Sitecore Infra Services

  • IP – CI/CD pipeline log Insights Solution

Consulting Services


Maturity Assessment

  • Current state analysis

  • Participate in IT Stakeholder workshops

  • Deep dive into present state systems

Tools Selection

  • Tool shortlisting

  • Tool standardization

  • Tool Assessment & recommendation

Process Definition & Architecture

  • Project execution methodologies

  • DevOps maturity Assessment

  • Blueprinting

  • Governance

Strategy Roadmap

  • Documentation

  • Application release strategy

  • Future state definition

  • Road Map creation

Implementation Services


Continuous Delivery

  • Build & deploy

  • Dev quality

  • Integrated tool set

  • Pipeline as code

  • Modular design

Infrastructure Automation

  • Everything as code

  • Cloud agnostic and immutable

Integration Support

  • Functional testing automation

  • NFR testing automation

  • Acceptance testing automation

  • Testing gates management

  • Application releases

Measures and Metrics

  • DevOps Metrics

  • DevOps infrastructure availability

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