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Information Technology 

KR3 has an extensive experience with implementing robust, secure, and reliable technical solutions. By breaking complex  common sense solutions, KR3 is able to deliver technical solutions that meet the defined need and exceed client expectations.  Our services include;

  • Cyber Security

  • Certification & Accreditation, ATO, ATT

  • Identity & Access Management

  • Heath Informatics

  • Electronic Data Exchange and Processing, HL7 FHIR

  • Application Design & Development

  • Operations & Maintenance of IT Systems

  • Database Design, Development, & Maintenance

  • Application Deployment and Release Management

  • Product Evaluation and Alternative Analysis

  • Project Management and Business Analysis

  • Comliance and Reporting

  • Enterprise Architecture Solutions

  • Application and System Architecture Solutions

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Mobile Application and Device Management Solutions

  • Cloud Services and Security

  • Integration of different SaaS services, like o365, SalesForce, and WizeHive with enterprise resources like Access Control, Active Directory etc.

Dish Antenna
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